Foods That Pair Perfectly With Cuban Coffee

Miami Coffee Phenomenon

Coffee is at the center of everything social, but coffee has a strong flavor, and some of us truly need a little something else to make it less bitter and amp up the sweetness. Cuban coffee is simple and quirky.

But wait a minute, what if you’re bored of drinking it by itself? Here’s how you can take it to a whole new level with some unexpected (yet delicious!) things to pair with your cup of coffee.

You can find most of these in the ventanitas around South Florida. In fact, trying these with Cuban coffee is a must for any foodie or coffee geek visiting Miami.


As much as we love sitting back and relaxing with a warm cup of Cuban coffee in hand and a guava pastry in the other, this has a deeper meaning. 

This mouthwatering, velvety, and crispy puff pastry is one of the top things to pair with Cuban coffee. A cup of Cuban coffee and this savory, delectable pastry is a flawless combination on a rainy day.


This well-known food that draws people from all over Miami is none other than the mighty Cuban sandwich. Swiss cheese, pickles, and yellow mustard make for an addictive combo on their own. 

The sugary ham and crusty bread entices coffee lovers with its tangy taste, and really puts them under a spell.


If you’re planning to just have coffee, you may want to reconsider because once you start eating empanadas, you won’t be able to hold yourself back.

Baked or fried empanadas stuffed with meat and cheese will definitely make you feel at home with something unique.


This is a dynamic duo. The medium to full-flavored nature of Cuban cigars (Partagas Lusitanias) are a perfect match for the power of black coffee. 

The cigar allows the flavors of the coffee to dominate, and will balance out any of the coffee’s acidity. Handmade, high-quality cigars only contain tobacco, so location is key to a cigar’s flavor, and that location is none other than Cuba. 


If we want to make our day significant and productive, our go-to is coffee. Why are we so excited? Well, it’s no secret that pairing ham croquettes with a good old cup of coffee is match made in heaven! 

Crispy, bite-sized logs of ground ham coated in breadcrumbs are a perfect afternoon snack when paired with a cup of Cuban coffee. They are also ideal as a light lunch, appetizer, or for serving at a party. Not only are they delicious, they are also nutritious to eat with a cup of Cuban coffee.


The most beautiful discovery that true friends can make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. Cuban coffee can stand on its own, but it still needs a companion for support.

Cuban coffee has captivated many celebrities who are unable to resist. Not only does Cuban coffee have health benefits, but it can also be used as a flavor enhancer.

In a nutshell, Cuban coffee is something truly unique. When are you going to try it with one of these 5 things?

Cover photo from The Castlebar en Pexels


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