[INFOGRAPHIC] A Simple Way to Make Cuban Coffee… WITHOUT an Espresso Machine!

Making Cuban coffee at home

Coffee Lovers Unite! 

Raise your hand if you love Cuban coffee! We know, once you try it, there’s no going back. The super strong and sweet taste of cafecito will change the way you feel about coffee… forever! Sipping a strong cup of Cuban coffee in the morning is a ritual for many Cubans all around the world, especially in Miami where there are throngs of people at the numerous ventanitas waiting to get their coffee fix. 

But not everyone has the chance to visit these unique places and taste the essence of Cuba. Many people can make Cuban coffee (or simply “cafecito”) from the comfort of their own homes. In order to do this, they need an expensive espresso machine, which again, not many people have. Sigh… 

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Even though an espresso machine is usually used to make Cuban coffee, we’ll teach you how to brew a cafecito at home… with a few simple tools. For starters, you have to understand that Cuban coffee is a mixture of finely ground espresso and sugar! Yes, sugar is a crucial ingredient in this process. 

Here’s what you will need to make Cuban coffee at home: 

  • Moka pot 
  • Finely ground espresso 
  • Water
  • Sugar (brown or white)
  • Measuring cup
  • Spoons for stirring and measuring 

How to Make Cuban Coffee

The process is very easy if you follow these simple steps! 

  1. Unscrew the lid of the Moka pot.
  2. Fill the bottom of the Moka pot with as much water as you would like.
  3. Moka pots have a “filter” which you will fill with La Carreta ground coffee. Pour in the coffee and lightly tap it so that the filter is full and place it onto the bottom chamber.
  4. Seal tightly and place on the stove over medium heat.
  5. Pour some sugar in the measuring cup (don’t be stingy), and wait for the first drops of coffee to come out.
  6. This part is important:

When the first drops of coffee come out, vigorously mix them with the sugar to form the espuma or espumita, the most important part of the Cuban coffee.

The sugar and coffee mixture will create a beautiful “foam” that will take your Cuban coffee to the next level! 

  1. Prepare your cups. 
  2. Pour the remainder of the coffee from the Moka pot into the measuring cup with your espuma or foam.
  3. Mix well so that the foam floats to the top of the cup. 
  4. While gently shaking, pour the coffee into the cups and…

Voilà, your homemade Cuban coffee is ready! 

It may take a few tries to get used to brewing coffee with this method, but once you get the hang of it, there’s no looking back. 

Make sure to carefully follow these steps to get the best cafecito possible.

You will notice that your homemade coffee tastes delicious. That’s because you’ve put in the time and energy to prepare this amazing drink. And you can’t put a price tag on that. 

Something to Keep in Mind! 

Most people drink their Cuban coffee in the morning, but there are really no rules for the best time to drink coffee.

You can always make a weaker version and drink it after lunch, dinner, or whenever you are bored. 

So the next time you feel like having a cafecito, or Cuban coffee, don’t despair if you can’t pay a visit to the ventanitas – just head to the kitchen, and… enjoy making this amazing beverage.



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