Miami Sweet, A Type of Cuban Coffee Only Found in Miami

Miami Coffee Phenomenon

There are many secrets behind a good cup of Cuban coffee.

You need a well-balanced blend of dark roast Arabica and Robusta beans sourced from selected locations worldwide. Add sugar and give it a good whisk, and you will have one of the best beverages of all time.

Dark roast coffee is generally way too bitter and that is why you want to add sugar to it. A good amount of sugar not only reduces the bitterness, but it also interacts with the oils of the Robusta beans to create a rich golden foam that makes cafecito a unique delicacy.

This delicious sugar foam is made by vigorously mixing granulated sugar with the first few drops of a freshly-brewed espresso.

How Do You Make the Best Sweetened Coffee?

Be it cafecito, cortadito, colada, or café con leche, you always need the most concentrated drops of coffee, usually the first brewed, granulated sugar, a mixing cup, and a lot of patience as you stir and stir until you get that creamy golden foam.

Combine the remaining brewed espresso with the sugar foam and you are ready to enjoy your cup of Cuban coffee.

Does it matter if you use a sweetener other than granulated sugar? It does. Apart from brown sugar, no other sweetener will react to the concentrated coffee in the same way, so please do not try to make Cuban coffee with anything other than real sugar.

Miami Sweet, The Sweetest Type of Cuban Coffee

Miami sweet is the name of a style of Cuban coffee prepared throughout Miami. How do you like your coffee? Miami sweet or regular?

That is for you to decide when ordering a cup of coffee in South Florida, and you better believe it, it’s not an easy decision once you’ve tried your coffee Miami sweet style.

Miami sweet allows you to partake, catch up, discuss, and joke around with friends and strangers. It’s definitely an experience worth having.

On Your Next Visit to Miami

If you are asked whether you want your coffee regular or Miami sweet, try the latter. Savor this unique combination of a strong dark roast and a unique creamy, sweetened, foamy cup of goodness called cafecito or Cuban coffee.

As we mentioned, Miami sweet is synonymous with socializing, enjoying great coffee, and is a staple in South Florida. This coffee is for sharing as an act of friendship, solidarity and good vibes. Some even consider it a cultural phenomenon that originated in the streets of Little Havana and Calle Ocho (Eighth Street), deep in the heart of Miami.

Learn more about how to make your own Cuban coffee at home or the different types of Cuban coffee by visiting Café La Carreta’s website. You won’t be disappointed!


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