Miami Coffee Bucket List

Miami Coffee Phenomenon

“Miami, the Magical City” is no exaggeration. From its culture and rich cuisine to its heavenly beaches, everything is truly spellbinding. A city that has kept its glamourous heritage intact and lived through cutting edge technology. The place that fostered the rebirth of Cuban Coffee and has remained a trendsetter for over a century…

There is so much to visit and experience, but nothing beats a soothing cup of rich Cuban Coffee.

You might disagree, but believe us, coffee isn’t just a beverage in Miami; it’s a tradition backed by one of the richest cultures.

Read on to learn how you can celebrate Cuban coffee culture to its fullest when you are in Miami. 

Coffees You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

You cannot say you’ve visited Miami if you haven’t tasted its wide variety of Cuban-style coffee. From a frothy café cubano to café con leche, each has its own unique taste and way to drink it.

Café Cubano

Café cubano’s creamy espuma, its rejuvenating blend of sweet and sour flavors, and its rich chocolatey color will stick with you for a lifetime.

Rule of thumb: Order your café cubano with a big smile on your face. 


Cortadito is a special type of Cuban espresso that’s topped with steamed whole milk. It’s very sweet, and the strength is roughly double that of a typical American coffee.


We highly recommend you try colada when you are with family or friends. Colada is a large cup of café cubano served with five smaller cups to share coffee shots with others. 

Café con Leche

If you love lattes, then you ought to enjoy this one. Here’s a tip: have a café con leche at breakfast with a pastry or bread. There’s no better way to start off your day in Miami.

Ventanitas to Visit

One of the first things you should know about Miami’s coffee culture is that you don’t go to a ventanita merely to buy coffee; you go there to socialize and make some new friends.

La Ventanita Versailles

A ventanita without a crowd? You might be at the wrong place. This is one of the liveliest ventanitas. If you are looking for a vibrant atmosphere, then Versailles is your go-to place.

La Carreta

When we think of La Carreta, unmatched excellence and authentic Cuban cuisine are the first two things that come to mind. A visit to Miami hasn’t been worthwhile if you didn’t spend a night out at this restaurant with your favorite people. One of the pioneers of Cuban cuisine -La Carreta, dates back to the Cuban revolution itself. Don’t forget to try their ropa vieja, boliche, and of course, their amazing Cuban coffee.

Los Pinareños

A ventanita as good as any other in the town. You will simply be blown away by the energizing crowd that will greet you with arms wide open. If you haven’t made friends yet, now is your chance.

Foods that Pair Best with Cuban Coffee

Don’t tell us that you thought ventanitas were only about the coffee…

Absolutely not! You can find some of the finest sweets that taste the best, especially when paired with Cuban coffee.

Guava Pastries

A crispy delight! A sweet puff pastry that you can grab with your cup of coffee to kill time and sate your appetite. People in Miami can’t imagine a rainy day without guava pastries.

Cuban Sandwich

You may have tried many sandwiches, but nothing quite like a Cuban sandwich. This heavenly combination of cheese, pickles, and mustard sauce will have you licking your fingers. 


We should warn you that empanadas and a cup of Cuban coffee are an addictive pair. Fried empanadas with meat and cheese are truly out of this world.

Ham Croquettes

You should also try the signature ham croquettes. This is not the typical type of ham you might have tried elsewhere. Their crispy breading is simply divine.


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