Cuban Espresso- More Than Just Your Regular Espresso

Also known as cafecito, Cuban espresso is the quintessential Cuban coffee. Its strength, heavenly aroma, and sweet, rich taste earn it its hallowed spot in the coffee hall of fame.

How to Drink Cafecito (Wait, There’s Actually a Specific Way to Do That?)

Yes, you heard that right! There’s a very specific way to drink cafecito. Be sure to try it out the next time you visit your closest Cuban restaurant (or Miami, if you are not in town) so that you can have the time of your life!

Miami Coffee Bucket List

Coffee isn’t just a beverage in Miami; it’s a tradition backed by one of the richest cultures.
Read on to learn how you can celebrate Cuban coffee culture to its fullest!

Café Con Leche- The Best Latte You’ve Never Had

As the famous quote goes: “what tequila is to liquor, café Cubano is to the world of coffee.” Naturally, you’d expect any type of Cuban coffee to taste better than its equivalent, and café con leche doesn’t disappoint.


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The Ultimate Cuban Coffee Glossary

The Ultimate Cuban Coffee Glossary

In Miami, ordering coffee at the ventanitas requires you to pronounce at least some words in Spanish.

That’s why we have compiled this Cuban Coffee Glossary to help familiarize you with Cuban coffee terms.

MAKE CUBAN COFFEE YOURSELF it’s not that hard…

How to make Cuban Coffee Outdoors

How to make Cuban Coffee Outdoors

While lots of people have perfected the art of brewing Cuban coffee at home, many do not know how to do it without using a Moka pot. If you’re one of those people, join us as we share a few secrets on how to make Cuban coffee outdoors like a pro.

[INFOGRAPHIC] A Simple Way to Make Cuban Coffee… WITHOUT an Espresso Machine!

Even though an espresso machine is usually used to make Cuban coffee, we’ll present you a way to brew a cafecito at home… with a few very simple tools.

The ultimate Cuban Coffee Masterclass

La Carreta has prepared a series of articles that will help you to better understand the magic that happens when you brew Cuban coffee.

The Ultimate Cuban coffee Masterclass, Part 2

Welcome back to our Cuban coffee Masterclass – part 2! Our journey will uncover the secrets of the perfect made Cuban coffee.


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