We Found the 5 Best Ventanitas For Enjoying Cuban Coffee in Miami

Miami Coffee Phenomenon

Have you ever wondered what those tiny walk-up windows in the streets of Miami are? If you took a closer look, you would see that the people in front of them are all drinking the same thing… Coffee. 

Those tiny “windows” are known as ventanitas, and are a staple here in Miami. Used by tourists and locals from all over Miami, but especially in Little Havana and Calle Ocho, ventanitas are places where you can socialize and drink the strongest and sweetest coffee of your life!

About Ventanitas

Why are ventanitas so popular here in Miami? 

It all started in the ‘60s when Cubans fled to Miami to seek refuge from the political turbulence in Cuba at the time. 

They brought with them their love of coffee. 

Since Cubans are very outgoing people, socializing and storytelling are essential parts of their culture. And what better way to catch up on the news than by sipping a colada with friends?

There are hundreds of ventanitas in Miami, but we decided to share 5 of the very best.

La Ventanita Versailles

Let’s kick this off with Versailles

Located on Southwest 8th Street, it has a restaurant with amazing Cuban cuisine and a ventanita with one of the best cups of Cuban coffee out there. If you want to grab your cafecito here, expect it to be crowded. 

Los Pinareños

The next one on the list is Los Pinareños; the amazing, rustic, Cuban atmosphere of this ventanita will simply blow you away.

Plus, there’s also a market where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

La Carreta

La Carreta is definitely one of our favorites.

They have 9 locations throughout Miami-Dade county, which means you can get an amazing cortadito, cafecito, or colada in 9 different locations throughout Miami.

Notably, La Carreta’s ventanitas are located on Southwest 8th Street, in a convenient store in the Miami Airport, and at 8650 Bird Road.

Their locations are always crowded, so you know the coffee is superb.

El Cristo

Moving on to the El Cristo Cafe and Restaurant.

This old-school place has great coffee and food. You can have a colada with the locals and get the scoop on what’s been happening in Miami in the last few weeks.

Latin American Bakery & Cafe

Last, but not least, is the Latin American Bakery & Cafe. 

Now, here’s a place where you can feel the spirit of Cuba in Miami. There is always a line and the crowd is eager to talk and mingle. 

Miami’s ventanitas and coffee culture have a life of their own.

You will want to order a coffee, stand around, and listen to some of the locals’ amazing stories. If you share a colada with them, we’re positive you will be the star of the show. 

For Cubans, drinking coffee is not just a way to get a caffeine fix (at least not entirely), but rather, a chance to escape from the pace of modern life, technology, and stress.

When in Miami… 

Visiting the ventanitas is a must! 

Explore what Miami’s coffee culture has to offer. Don’t visit just one ventanita and stop there – seek out ones that will immerse you in Miami’s rich Cuban coffee culture… at least for a little while.


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