Three Ways of Making Cuban Coffee (The Last One Was Just Invented in 2005!)

Making Cuban coffee at home

Tradition and Modernity Collide

One of the things I genuinely love about coffee is that you can now prepare it so many different ways. Along with our post about mastering Cuban coffee, I would like to discuss three different ways you can make a delicious cafecito from the comfort of your own home. 

Two of these methods are more traditional, while the third one is a modern approach that I came up with. Let’s find out which will be your favorite!

The Original: Moka Pot

The Moka pot is the most popular way of making Cuban coffee at home. It is quick, reliable, and the result is simply delicious! 

It works effortlessly: the stovetop’s heat creates pressure and forces the water in the bottom chamber to shoot through the ground coffee in the filter. Within a few minutes, the top chamber is filled with intense, hot coffee.

You need to collect the first few drops of coffee and add them to a few spoonfuls of sugar so you can make the “azuquita” (as I like to call it). This sugar mixture is what gives Cuban coffee its distinct sweet flavor.

Finally, mix the rest of the coffee with the azuquita and pour the coffee into your cup. This will create the espuma, the frothy foam on top that makes the first sip so enjoyable!

The Intense: Espresso Machine

Nothing compares to the intense pressure of an espresso machine! 

If you don’t have one at home, visit a ventanita to taste the difference. In ventanitas, espresso machines are used for their quality, pressure level, and speed. And if you do happen to have one at home, that’s great! You can easily make a Cuban coffee with it.

The only thing is, you need to work quickly!

First, your “azuquita” cup (the one with the sugar) needs to be ready and in place. Now, wait for the coffee to pour through the portafilter.

Second, once the first few drops of coffee start coming out, you need to replace your azuquita cup quickly. So while the coffee finishes brewing, you will be making the azuquita with just the very first drops of brewed coffee.

Once you’re done mixing, just pour the rest of the coffee over the azuquita, and your Cuban coffee is ready!

The Funky: Aeropress

The Aeropress is a very new technique for making coffee that was created in 2005. 

It has three parts: a plunger, a filter cap, and a chamber. All you need to do is put the coffee grounds in the filter cap, screw it on the chamber, and add hot water. Then, use the plunger to press the coffee in your mug. It works like a syringe! 

Like the other two methods, it uses pressure to make the coffee, but it doesn’t need electric power, just a water heater. 

The modern-day coffee geek, like me, loves using an Aeropress! It’s versatile, and you can easily use it to make Cuban coffee. 

You can press the first drops of coffee into the azuquita cup and then set it aside. Then finish preparing your coffee, and then pour the azuquita over the top to create the espuma. That’s it!  

Fun tip: The Aeropress is an easy way to make Cuban coffee outdoors as well! 

Cuban Coffee Anywhere

So, today we looked at three ways to make Cuban coffee at home. But who says you can only enjoy Cuban coffee at home or at the ventanitas? With a Moka pot or an Aeropress, and some extra equipment, you could actually make Cuban coffee anywhere you go!

Do you use any other tools to brew your Cuban coffee? Share your master tips with me!


Vasileia Fanarioti

Vasileia Fanarioti

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My name is Vasileia, I work as a barista and I’m a big coffee nerd! I love making it, drinking it and I definitely have a passion for writing about it.

When my mind isn’t filled with coffee beans I also enjoy reading, dancing, travelling, exercising and cooking for my family.

I’m here because I want to take you on a journey into the world of coffee and show you how fascinating it can be. So, come along!

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